Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Inspiration Wednesday - Hit the Bricks

Things are getting tense. Dave has been working non stop for two weeks clearing his house and garage out, mostly having to work in record breaking heat and humidity. He is running on fumes and pain. He's at the point where he just throwing stuff away. The closing for his house is in two days and everything has to be cleared out.

He has been collecting old building materials for the past 30 years of his career as a contractor who restores historic properties. Some of it has been sold, and some of it carted off to storage for the restoration of our beach house. One of the things he has collected and amassed is old bricks.

What's so special about a pile of 2000 bricks? Well they are mostly "soft reds" and many made by the St. Joe Brick Works in Louisiana. The much sought after "hard tans" and "soft reds" used bricks coming from demolished New Orleans structures were originally manufactured at St. Joe Brick Works and other St. Tammany Parish brick yards in existence before the turn of the century.
These used bricks are beloved by home renovators and can fetch between $2.50 - $4. per brick.

So when Dave told me he was just going to abandon his pile of bricks, just leave them in his yard for the new owners to deal with, my heart sank. He really is hurting for him to even think of such a thing. I got busy trying to find a solution. I found a mover who will go and get them and move them to our yard in BSL. It will cost $800. I found a brick company specializing in selling antique bricks that would buy them for 60 cents each ($1200.) and take them away from Dave's yard. To buy them again if you could even find them (they are getting more and more rare), would cost upwards of $5000. So I have made an executive decision to pay the movers to take the bricks to BSL. I know Dave would be very sorry to leave them behind, and I know one day they will look amazing as a patio or walkway at our new place. I also love the New Orleans connection to our Mississippi house. 
Dave and I love old bricks
One day we hope to a have a pretty brick patio
Ignatz - poster boy for bricks
A brick walkway up to the front porch would be perfect
Dave has a pile of 2000 vintage soft red New Orleans bricks that he has collected for 20 years
Just dreaming of the day we can use the reclaimed bricks
Used St. Joe bricks are highly prized since they are no longer made
More brick walkway inspiration
A picket fence and a brick walkway - YES!
Krazy Kat and Ignatz always make me think of bricks

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  1. Oh...yes! You made a very good decision there. One he will thank you for later when he is thinking clearly. Right now he is just trying to get the job done and has reached the point of fatigue. How sad you would be if you did not have these bricks for a patio at the new/old house! I cannot wait to see how this house takes shape my friend!